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Welcome to American Traditions Fishing Tackle Co. LLC

We specialize in the design, development and manufacture of lead-free, non-toxic jigs, spinners and spoons manufactured with American made components.  

Determined to go with lead-free, non-toxic fishing lures, Wisconsin licensed fishing guide Tom Christianson found it hard to find such lures and when located, the items were very expensive or not made in America.  After a lifetime of fishing Northern Wisconsin waters and now a full time fishing guide on the Chippewa Flowage in northern Wisconsin, Christianson began to design and produce his own line of lead-free, non-toxic jigs and spinners.  After trying and field testing several designs with his clients, a quality, lead-free jig design - the Traditionalist Jig - was finalized which performs perfectly catching walleyes, bass and other gamefish.  Building on the success of this lead-free jig, other lead-free, non-toxic fishing lure followed with the line now expanded to include, the PROaggressive Jig (an inline jig), the Stingermaxx (a weight forward spinner), Maxximum Overhead and Maxximum Overhead Pro (a jig spinner), the Pike Magic (a heavier weight forward, inline spinner), spoons with the new Maggie's Dancer and now ice jigs and spinners with the Mocha Docha Bites jig and the Molly Girl Pearl spinner.  All jigs and spinners are UV-Blast seal-coated.  

Traditionalist jigs are available in two (2) sizes with a bronze hook in five (5) basic colors. The PROaggressive jig is available in four (4) sizes and in six (6) fish catching colors.  The Stingermaxx Spinner is available in three (3) sizes in five (5) basic colors in three blade styles with corresponding curly tail grub body.  Both the Maxximum Overhead jig spinner (using the Traditionalist jig) and the Maxximum Overhead Pro jig spinner (using the PRO-aggressive jig) are available in two (2) sizes in five (5) basic jig/head colors with corresponding blade and curly tail grub body color and size.  The Pike Magic is available with two blade options - red/white stripe Colorado blade or a nickle French blade.  Maggie's Dancer #4 is available with two blade options - red/white stripe or perch colored - with a blood red treble hook.   Both the ice jig,  Mocha Docha Bites with a blood red treble hook, and the ice spinner, Molly Girl Pearl, with a propeller style spinner are available in 1/32 and 1/16 oz sizes in six (6) colors.  The PROP Magic Spinner, an inline jig with a propeller, is available in three (3) sizes, each in six (6) color combinations.

These jigs and spinners  look different because they are different.  They are slightly larger for their weight than their lead counterparts but during the field testing, these lead-free, non-toxic jigs and spinners  outperformed their lead counterparts. Prices are very competitive so try our lead free jigs, spinners and spoons and you won't want your tackle box to be without them.

In addition to being made of entirely lead-free and non-toxic products, including the paint, all jigs and spinners are made at American Traditions Fishing Tackle Co., LLC in Wisconsin from components made by American companies.  American Traditions Fishing Tackle Co., LLC is now offering these lead-free, non-toxic jigs and spinners at an affordable price.

Remember -- American components.  American made.  American quality.  

American Traditions Fishing Tackle Co., LLC


American Traditions Fishing Tackle products are made from American made, lead free, environmentally friendly products from companies such as Water Gremlin, Eagle Claw and CS Coatings and assembled in Wisconsin.  All jig heads are UV-Blast seal-coated for greater visibility and affordable for any angler.

Traditionalist Jigs are currently produced in 1/16 or 1/8 oz. sizes with a bronze hook in five (5) basic colors – red, white, orange, black, and yellow.  

The PROaggressive jig is an inline style jig with a bullet-shaped head, an attractor bead and a sticky sharp offset hook.  Great for use in heavy weeds, woody bottom structure, or in rivers (current),  the PROaggressive Jig is versatile enough to use with either live or artificial bait in and around structure.  PROaggressive jigs are currently produced in  four (4) sizes:  #0 (slightly larger than 1/32nd); #1 (slightly larger than 1/16th); #2 (slightly larger than 1/8th); and #3 (slightly larger than 1/4) in six (6) fish catching colors:  pink, black, orange, yellow chartreuse, red, and white.

The Stingermaxx weight forward spinner incorporates the bullet-shaped PROaggressive jig in three (3) sizes: #1 (slightly larger than 1/16th); #2 (slightly larger than 1/8th) and #3 (slightly larger than 1/4) in five (5) jig/head colors with a correspondingly sized and color curly tail grub body in three (3) blade styles.

The Maxximum Overhead is a jig spinner using the Traditionalist jig, while the Maxximum Overhead Pro uses the PROaggressive bullet shaped jig.  Each is offered in two sizes - the Maxximum Overhead in Size #1 (slightly larger than 1/16th) and #2 (slightly larger than 1/8th) while the Maxximum Overhead Pro comes in Size #0 (slightly larger than 1/32nd) and Size #1 (slightly larger than 1/16th).  Each are available in five (5) jig head colors (black, orange, white, yellow and red) with coordinated blade and complimentary sized and colored curly tail grub body. 

The Pike Magic is built for large predator fish with a heavier weight forward design and the Pike Magic #4 uses a blood red head with UV blast coating, #4 blade and a size #2 blood red treble hook.  Currently available in two (2) blade patterns - Red/White Stripe Colorado and a Nickle French. 

Maggie's Dancer spoons are designed to undulate and dance along to entice predator fish.  The Maggie's Dancer #4 utilizes a size 4 spoon (about 2 1/4" long) along with a Size 2 sticky sharp blood red treble hook.  Currently offered with either red/white stripe or perch pattern colored spoon. 

The ice jig, Mocha Docha Bites, has a blood red treble hook and the ice spinner, Molly Girl Pearl, has a propeller type blade.  Both are designed to drop quickly and entice those winter fish.  Both are available in 1/32 and 1/16 oz in six colors – pink, black, orange, red, yellow and white.

The PROP Magic Spinner is a weight forward inline lure with a bullet-shaped head, a propeller blade and a bead behind the propeller blade (to echo the frequency created by the propeller blade) and an offset needle-sharp hook.  The PROP Magic Spinner comes in three (3) sizes and six (6) head/blade color combinations:  Black/Yellow; Orange/Nickel; Red/White; White/Red; Yellow Chartreuse/Yellow and Pink/White. - Fishing Information Network - Musky fishing information for the die hard muskie fisherman.
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