American Traditions Fishing Tackle, Co. LLC is a family-run business started by Wisconsin fishing guide, Tom Christianson. After years of fishing northern Wisconsin and looking for environmentally safe lures at an affordable cost for the average angler, he decided to work on a line of lead free, environmentally safe, all American made jigs and spinners. After several years of trial and error, he had two designs to field test with his clients – the Traditionalist jig and Maxximum Overhead spinner.  With positive comments and results, the initial designs were further refined and grew to produce a line of affordable lead-free American made fishing tackle products.  The current available lures includes the PROAggressive jig (an inline jig); the Overhead Maxximum Pro, StingerMaxx, Pike Magic and Prop Magic (four lines of spinners); the Mocha Docha Bites and the Molly Girl Pearl (an ice jig and an ice spinner); and the Maggie Dancer (a spoon lure).  Research and development is a continuing process.