American Traditions Fishing Tackle products are made from American made, lead  free, environmentally friendly products and assembled in Wisconsin. Jigs are currently produced with a bronze hook in both 1/16 and 1/8 oz sizes in five (5)  basic colors – red, white, orange, black, and chartreuse yellow. The 1/16 jig uses a size 1 jig hook and the 1/8 jig uses a size 1/0 jig hook.  These jigs are affordable for any angler. Due the lead-free material used in the  manufacture of these non-toxic jigs, each size is slightly larger than lead jigs similarly labeled. All jigs are UV Blast seal-coated.

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Traditionalist-Bronze Hooks
Jigs come with a Bronze Hook (the 1/16 jig uses a size 1 jig hook while the 1/8 jig uses a size 1/0 ..