Mocha Docha Bites #1
  • Mocha Docha Bites #1
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Mocha Docha Bites is a bullet-shaped vertical jig with a small red attractor bead  armed with a small sticky sharp red treble hook. It is a lead-free jig that drops quickly to deliver your bait to the waiting fish. Mocha Docha Bites show up well on your electronics as they drop to the fish zone and are versatile enough to use with a myriad of live bait or artificials. The water based paint is finished off with a U.V. Blast top-coat to make it visible in the deep water.

They currently are available in two sizes- size 0 is a 1/32 oz. Nib-lit with a size 10 sticky sharp red treble hook and size 1 is a 1/16 oz. jig with a size 8 sticky sharp red treble hook. Both sizes of Mocha Docha Bites will offer a good hooking percentage to assure solid hook sets. They are available in 6 fish catching colors – pink, black, orange, red, yellow and white.