Molly Girl Pearl #1
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The Molly Girl Pearl is a bullet-shaped spinner with a small propeller type of blade armed with a sticky sharp off-set hook for greater hooking percentage. It drops quickly while the blade spins calling in the fish. The small propeller blade spins easily while you vertically jig it either aggressively or slowly. The Molly Girl Pearl spinner works equally well with a variety of differing live baits or artificials. They are available in 6 fish catching colors – pink, black, orange, red, yellow and white – and finished off with a U.V. Blast top-coat. The lead-free design along with the water-based paint offer a completely non-toxic lure.  

The Molly Girl Pearl is available in size 0 (1/32 oz. with a sticky sharp size 6 off-set hook) and size 1 (1/16 oz. with a size 4 sticky sharp off-set hook). The Molly Girl Pearl spinner will get the fish's attention and call them in from a distance.